Ghost Ranch 2

Date: 6/03/2016 Day: 28 Distance: 0 miles start: stop: Elevation: 6500 ft Others Here: Cloudbuster, Ron; Stumbling Beef and Wes passed through but did not stay Camp: Ghost Ranch; dorm room We opted to stay another day so Cloudbuster could hike the section he hitched over as a result of his overpowering dinner craving.  Also, we are hearing that snow shoes are required to get through the San Juans.  Without them you would be postholing from 10am on.  It sounds like there is still some avalanche danger as well.  So it seemed prudent to hold up here another day. We …



Date: 5/31/2016 Day: 25 Distance: 20 miles start: 5:50 am stop: 1:30 pm Elevation: Others Here:  Cloudbuster, Kyros, Stumbling Beef, Wes Camp: Del Prada Motel Thankfully I had a prescription anti diarrhea medication that I had been trying to avoid taking.   This morning,  I decided it was time and all is well.  Had a great hike into town,  showered, ate Mexican, did the resupply shopping, laundry, and now trying to relax. I’ll be in Colorado soon.  Hard to believe…


Pie Town Zero or me in my Papillion clothes

Date: 5/22/2016 Day: 16 Distance: 0 miles start: stop: Elevation: 7750 ft Others Here: Cloudbuster, Tick Tock, Kyros, Stumbling Beef, Wes Camp: Toaster House hostel A zero day which is thru hiker jargon for no walking. Focusing on eating, resting my feet, preparing for next stretch.  Time to eat some pie. PS. Those were hostel loaner clothes while I washed mine.