Lake City 2

Date: 6/21/2016 Day: 46 Distance: 0 miles start: stop: Elevation: 8900 ft Others Here: Linus Cloudbuster, Ron, Tank, Judd, Dragon Dan, Deco, Cheetah Camp: Raven’s Rest Hostel This was a much needed zero day and hurrah! I’m sending my snowshoes and microspikes home.  That’s 4.5 pounds less on my pack.

Lake City

Date: 6/20/2016 Day: 45 Distance: 23 miles start: 6:20 am stop: 4:20 pm Elevation: 8900 ft Others Here: Linus Cloudbuster, Ron, Tank Camp: Raven's Rest Hostel I weighed myself at the hostel and have lost 10 pounds.  I plan to take zero day to try and build back up a little. Lake city is a great place and in my opinion this is the best hostel on the trail.  Actually the hostel owner, Lucky, is the main reason it is my favorite.  He is exceptional.


Knife Edge and Beyond

Date: 6/17/2016 Day: 42 Distance: 19.5 miles start: 7:00 am stop: 8:00 pm Elevation: 11505 ft Others Here: Linus Cloudbuster, Ron Camp: North Fork Los Pinos River; tenting We had hoped to make it past Knife Edge yesterday, but it just wasn't meant to be. This morning we did not even want to attempt the cirque after knife edge early in the morning when the snow was likely to be frozen.   My socks and shoes certainly were.  Four years ago rather than traversing that cirque we went down low into the bowl below then back up. This time we decided …


tough day

Date: 6/16/2016 Day: 41 Distance: 18.5 miles start: 6:30 am stop: 7:30 pm Elevation: 11881ft Others Here: Linus Cloudbuster, Ron Camp: 2 miles from Knife Edge; cowboying Very tough day.  It was beautiful.   I'm exhausted.


Back on the trail again

Date: 6/15/2016 Day: 40 Distance: 17 miles start: 10:15 am stop: 6:30 pm Elevation: 11716 ft Others Here: Linus Cloudbuster, Ron Camp: A saddle in the Weminuche wilderness; tenting Well it was painful lugging all that weight up the mountains but I guess my body eventually got used to it.   I was also certain to eat my heaviest lunch and dinner.  So far I haven't needed either the snowshoes or microspikes, but we may need them tomorrow.  That's an extra 4 or 5 pounds; I hope I'm not carrying them for nothing. We really need to try and make 20 …


Date: 6/14/2016 Day: 39 Distance: 0 miles start: stop: Elevation: 7700 ft Others Here: Linus Cloudbuster, Ron, JK, Toothpick Camp: Toothpick’s place Ron, though he has some mountaineering experience, does not have an iceaxe or microspikes.  There is no place in town where they can be had either. We urged Ron to at least get an iceaxe because some of the traverses in the next section have the potential to be somewhat treacherous.  Knife edge is one I specifically remember from last time. It turns out that Cloudbuster has a friend in Durango who not only has an iceaxe but …


Pagosa Springs

Date: 6/13/2016 Day: 38 Distance: 7 miles start: 6:15 am stop: 9:30 m Elevation: 7700 ft Others Here: Cloudbuster, Ron, Deco, Dragon Dan Camp: Pinewood Inn Got going nice and early this morning with thoughts of restaurant food in our heads.   JK contacted me last night via my Delorme Inreach to say that he would be able to meet us at the pass.  Of course there was plenty of snow between us and the pass.  As we approached the Wolf Creek sky area on the northern slope through the trees we assessed or options.  Traverse the side of the mountain …


Is that a rock?

Date: 6/12/2016 Day: 37 Distance: 18.5 miles start: 7:30 am stop: 6:30 pm Elevation: 11053 ft Others Here: Cloudbuster Camp: ; tenting Can you find the trail in this photo?  I didn’t think so.  It is somewhere under the snow on this slope.   Just an example of the route finding challenges.  We just went straight down through the trees from here because we knew the trail went through silver pass down below us. Got up this morning and Cloudbuster asked me if that was a tent down below us.  I said naw, that’s a rock.  Well a person climbed out …


Ghost Ranch 2

Date: 6/03/2016 Day: 28 Distance: 0 miles start: stop: Elevation: 6500 ft Others Here: Cloudbuster, Ron; Stumbling Beef and Wes passed through but did not stay Camp: Ghost Ranch; dorm room We opted to stay another day so Cloudbuster could hike the section he hitched over as a result of his overpowering dinner craving.  Also, we are hearing that snow shoes are required to get through the San Juans.  Without them you would be postholing from 10am on.  It sounds like there is still some avalanche danger as well.  So it seemed prudent to hold up here another day. We …