Date: 5/31/2016 Day: 25 Distance: 20 miles start: 5:50 am stop: 1:30 pm Elevation: Others Here:  Cloudbuster, Kyros, Stumbling Beef, Wes Camp: Del Prada Motel Thankfully I had a prescription anti diarrhea medication that I had been trying to avoid taking.   This morning,  I decided it was time and all is well.  Had a great hike into town,  showered, ate Mexican, did the resupply shopping, laundry, and now trying to relax. I’ll be in Colorado soon.  Hard to believe…

Shoe debacle

Date: 5/26/2016 Day: 20 Distance: 14 miles start: 4:00 pm stop: 8:30 pm Elevation: 8011ft Others Here: Cloudbuster, Kyros Camp: approach trail to Mount Taylor; tenting Some town days are relaxing; this was not.  The nice hotel owner took us back to McDonald’s in the morning and we walked to the post office.  My shoes were not there so I checked the tracking and discovered they were sent FedEx.  I called FedEx to attempt to get them delivered to the Mumms house (more about the Mumms later) to no avail.  Then I called zappos and they worked with the post …


Sage advice?

Date: 5/25/2016 Day: 19 Distance: 30 miles start: 6:45 am stop: 7:30 pm Elevation: 6888 ft Others Here: Cloudbuster, Camp: Grants; southwest motel In the words of Carlton from Silver City. “If you are going to be dumb, you better be tough.” We started off with 7 miles across El Malpais  (the badlands) lava flow.  I actually quite enjoyed the hike even though it was hard on the feet.  There was no tread but the trail is marked by cairns made of lava rocks.  One has to look carefully since everything looks the same out there.  After the lava we …


La Vantana

Date: 5/24/2016 Day: 18 Distance: 29 miles start: 7:00 am stop: 8:00 pm Elevation: 6888 ft Others Here: Cloudbuster, Tick Tock, Kyros Camp: Zuni Acoma trailhead; cowboy Most of the miles today were on dirt roads.  There wasn’t much very memorable until the narrows. We joined the highway and followed it for about 4 miles until we reached the narrows; a place where the highway threads a narrow band between a cliff face on one side and lava flow (El Malpais) on the other. We finally got off the road and took the rim trail above the cliff.  The views …


Pie Town Zero or me in my Papillion clothes

Date: 5/22/2016 Day: 16 Distance: 0 miles start: stop: Elevation: 7750 ft Others Here: Cloudbuster, Tick Tock, Kyros, Stumbling Beef, Wes Camp: Toaster House hostel A zero day which is thru hiker jargon for no walking. Focusing on eating, resting my feet, preparing for next stretch.  Time to eat some pie. PS. Those were hostel loaner clothes while I washed mine.



Day: 8 Distance: 20 miles start: 7:30 am stop: 7:30 pm Elevation: 4230 Others Here: Tick Tock Camp: Somewhere beside the Gila River about 6 miles from Doc Campbell’s. Tenting. Once again, I’m pretty beat.  We finished up the hike in the trees about mid day and descended rapidly into Sapillo Creek, which feeds into the Gila.  I’m too tired to get out my maps but I think we were in the Pinos Altos mountains.  It felt so refreshing to be in the forest after the days in the high desert.  Made me remember how thankful I am to be …