There’s gold in them there hills

Date: 6/05/2016 Day: 30 Distance: 30 miles start: 6:30 am stop: 7:00 pm Elevation: 9905 ft Others Here: Cloudbuster Camp: Hopewell Lake; Tenting Another gorgeous day in the mountains.  I sure am learning to appreciate green meadows, streams running with snow melt, and mountain lakes. We stopped for almost an hour this morning at one of those lakes.  I think it was blue lake. Before the lake, we saw Hippie Longstocking behind us but never saw her again.  It turned out she had taken a different route.  We caught up with her at Hopewell Lake where she had her truck …

Pie Town

Date: 5/21/2016 Day: 15 Distance: 30 miles start: 6:50 am stop: 6:35 pm Elevation: 7750 ft Others Here: Cloudbuster, Tick Tock, Hippie Longstockings, Nobs, David Camp: Toaster House hostel Too tired to write. Almost all dirt road walking. My feet are throbbing.