On top of the world

Date: 7/20/2016
Day: 63
Distance: 18 miles
start: 6:30 am
stop: 2:00 pm
Elevation: 11257 ft
Others Here: none
Camp: Winter Park, CO

What a day!  I couldn't have asked for any better. God granted crystal blue skies all the way across the divide today.   I woke to clear skies and hiked the 18 miles above treeline suspended between 11000 and 13000 feet simply enraptured.  It was stunningly beautiful; more so than I am able to convey.  As I descended back into tree line before Berthoud Pass, the dark clouds started to gather and I could see storm clouds and rain over the ridge on the other side of the pass.  This solidified my decision to go into Winter Park.  Actually, I was not a bit surprised that my blue skies persisted only as long as I needed them; that is just like God.  After arriving in Winter Park it stormed the rest of the day.

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