Grays and blue skies

Date: 7/19/2016
Day: 62
Distance: 17 miles
start: 8:30 am
stop: 6:00 pm
Elevation: 11257 ft
Others Here: none
Camp: Herman Gulch ; tenting

It rained most of the night and when I awoke at 5:30 was still raining.  I had hoped for an early start but due to the rain I didn't begin until 8:30.  Even with the late start, I was able to make it to Grays summit at 14270 ft by 11:30.  On the way I saw a couple juvenile mountain goats.  There was a fair amount of rock scrambling; perhaps half a mile, though it felt like 2 miles, and several knife edgy bits that I had to traverse.  Some of them I was able to climb down below and then back up … but not all.  Have I mentioned that I don't care for heights.

There were quite a few people up on Grays when I got there and a nice lady gave me an apple when she found out what I was doing.   Almost everyone summits Grays and Torryes from the north side but the CDT comes in from the south and then east by way of Argentine Pass. I had a very good day today and started enjoying my hike again. I was called Walt Whitman and John Muir this afternoon; it must be the beard and the rugged demeanor … ha!

I have about 18 miles above tree line tomorrow with a break in the middle so I am praying for another day like today.  Blue skies and no threatening clouds.

I've decide that due to the 2 week delay I won't try to make it to Canada this year.  I would have to average 25 miles per day and I'm not off to a very good start.   Also the pull of family  (especially 3 little girls and their little-big brother) has been greater than the draw of the great white north.   There is a distinct possibility that I will call it at Grand Lake.  We shall see.

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