Head trouble

Date: 7/17/2016
Day: 60
Distance: 20 miles
start: 7:30 am
stop: 5:00 pm
Elevation: 10985 ft
Others Here: none
Camp: Montezuma road; tenting

I have had a difficult time getting myself back in the right frame of mind for this hike.  As a result, I slept in this morning and had a late start.  I made it the 10 miles to Georgia pass by about 1pm.  Since I had 15 miles above treeline I decided to skip lunch and try to move quickly.  It turns out that missing lunch was probably not a good idea.

My state of mind worsened as the afternoon wore on.  At about 3pm, I decided to take a lower route because there were dark and menacing clouds over the Ridgeline I would have to traverse.  So I followed a jeep trail down to this road.  Which incidentally, is the same route I took last time for much the same reasons.  Except last time I had chased a mountain goat down the wrong ridge to get a picture. When I realized my mistake, the clouds were also dark and menacing with the addition of thunder.  So since I knew from experience that this road was here, I decided to take it to avoid thunderstorms.

As I mentioned, my mind has not been in a good place. Getting myself in a state of deprivation didn't help, but I've been missing my nieces (with whom I live) terribly.  I decided to stop early today since I was so wiped out.  Also I think I may only hike 8 miles tomorrow so I will be poised to summit Grays and Torreys. Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll risk being on the ridgeline just in time for another thunderstorm tomorrow. I am also hoping that the short day will help me get myself back in the game.

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