Uncle Dale

Date: 7/3/2016
Day: 58
Distance: 14 miles
start: 6:30 am
stop: 2:00 pm
Elevation: 9075 ft
Others Here: Linus Cloudbuster, Pellet (CB'S friend who lives in Breckinridge)
Camp: Pellet's apartment

We walked gown to the Copper Mountain resort this morning but there were no restaurants open before 7am so we continued on our way toward a Conoco on the highway.  It had a coffee shop which delayed our start for the day until 8:30.  While at the coffee shop I learned that Uncle Dale's condition has worsened.

Climbed the 1500 or so feet to the ridge and enjoyed a mostly rain free hike along the ridge and then down to the road where Pellet met us.  He took us for lunch and then dropped us off at his place while he went to work.   Watched a couple movies and then walked back to town for dinner.  Wow is this place ever busy.

During the hike over the mountain today,  I decided it would be best to fly to Oklahoma from here to see Uncle Dale.  When my siblings go out to Grand Lake, I will just ride out with them. 

My flight is tomorrow afternoon from Denver.  There is a shuttle service, Summit Express, that will get me to the Denver airport.

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