Waunita Hot Springs Ranch 2

Date: 6/26/2016
Day: 51
Distance: 0 miles
Elevation: 9052 ft
Others Here: No other hikers
Camp: Staying with the Pringles

I am unable to include pictures at this moment.  I will add them layer tonight or tomorrow (7/4/16).

Well, I ended up staying an extra night.  I couldn't say no and believe the rest will do me good.

My stay here has been fantastic. Rod and Junelle are such wonderful people.  No wonder they have generations of families returning to the ranch for 20+ years.

I surely did need the rest and am so happy I stayed another night.  I was treated like one of the family.  Junelle convinced me to take some time in the hot spring heated pool and boy am I glad I did.   I made a lazy boy out of two pool noodles and stayed in almost an hour.

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