Waunita Hot Springs

Date: 6/25/2016
Day: 50
Distance: 22 miles
start: 6:15 am
stop: 3:15 pm
Elevation: 9052 ft
Others Here: No other hikers
Camp: Staying with the Pringles

Beautiful hike between Marshall and Monarch Pass today.   I am thankful that there was no afternoon thunderstorm.

I had only planned to stay one night but Mrs Pringle assumed I would be staying two nights.  How could I turn down this hospitality from such a sweet older lady.  The rest should be good for me, and home cooked meals won’t hurt either.  I plan to go with them to church tomorrow.

I only hope that all these days off in Colorado don’t come back to bite me.  I know I am making better time than 4 years ago.

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