Back on the trail again

Date: 6/15/2016
Day: 40
Distance: 17 miles
start: 10:15 am
stop: 6:30 pm
Elevation: 11716 ft
Others Here: Linus Cloudbuster, Ron
Camp: A saddle in the Weminuche wilderness; tenting

Well it was painful lugging all that weight up the mountains but I guess my body eventually got used to it.   I was also certain to eat my heaviest lunch and dinner.  So far I haven't needed either the snowshoes or microspikes, but we may need them tomorrow.  That's an extra 4 or 5 pounds; I hope I'm not carrying them for nothing.

We really need to try and make 20 or more miles tomorrow since we only have 7 (now 6) days food to get to Lake City.  We'll see what the terrain and snow is like tomorrow.   I know we are on the ridge basically all day so chances are we won't have to deal with too much snow.

It feels good to be back out here.  I was dreading it a little since my pack is so heavy,  but it was a stunning day.   And no afternoon thunderstorms.  Here's hoping for tomorrow.

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