Date: 6/14/2016
Day: 39
Distance: 0 miles
Elevation: 7700 ft
Others Here: Linus Cloudbuster, Ron, JK, Toothpick
Camp: Toothpick’s place

Ron, though he has some mountaineering experience, does not have an iceaxe or microspikes.  There is no place in town where they can be had either. We urged Ron to at least get an iceaxe because some of the traverses in the next section have the potential to be somewhat treacherous.  Knife edge is one I specifically remember from last time.

It turns out that Cloudbuster has a friend in Durango who not only has an iceaxe but is willing to meet us at Stony Pass with our food resupply from there to Lake City. This will reduce our carry from 7 days to 5. This is pretty significant when you are also carrying snowshoes and microspikes; especially in this snowy terrain.

Of course, JK is out doing himself, staying an extra day, and driving us to Durango. After getting to Durango, JK and I drive out to Silverton and Ouray … a little sightseeing.

Well Toothpick very graciously loaned an iceaxe to Ron but the plan to carry food up to the pass for us fell through.  So it looks like I get to lug 7 days of food from Wolf Creek Pass. Ackkk.

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