Is that a rock?

Date: 6/12/2016
Day: 37
Distance: 18.5 miles
start: 7:30 am
stop: 6:30 pm
Elevation: 11053 ft
Others Here: Cloudbuster
Camp: ; tenting

Can you find the trail in this photo?  I didn’t think so.  It is somewhere under the snow on this slope.   Just an example of the route finding challenges.  We just went straight down through the trees from here because we knew the trail went through silver pass down below us.

Got up this morning and Cloudbuster asked me if that was a tent down below us.  I said naw, that’s a rock.  Well a person climbed out of that rock just as we were getting ready to set out.  It was Ron. He had been following our tracks and trying to catch us for days.  He did the low route after running into the other two just 45 minutes after we left them.  He also did the epic glissade.

We waited on Ron and then we all set out together.   I was happy for snowshoes again today.  Ron doesn’t have any, but he is young and full of energy.

There was quite a bit of snow travel and route finding today.  We also did another shorter and safer glissade.

Ron wanted to get closer to the pass so he went on after we stopped.  I’m sure we’ll see him at the pass.

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