Wow, what a change!

Date: 6/09/2016
Day: 34
Distance: 10 miles
start: 3:00 pm
stop: 7:30 pm
Elevation: 11807 ft
Others Here: Cloudbuster
Camp: Just below Flat Mountain; tenting

Terri and Kip, the hotel owners, were amazing. She did our laundry for us and they have is a big discount on the price.  Then they left the keys in their car and told us to us to take it anytime we needed.  That was a big help getting back and forth to the post office on the other side of town.

Speaking of the post office, how does UPS deliver a package you've been expecting to a front porch in Albuquerque instead of Chama, NM?  I was hoping to get Aqua Mira for water treatment and some batteries.  Oh well, maybe they can get it to Pagosa Springs.

The snowshoes came around 1pm. I was nervous about getting back on the trail and could have easily been convinced to stay another night; especially the way Terrie and Kip treated us.   Thankfully, no one suggested it and Terrie offered to drive us back to the pass.  I was just blown away by how friendly and accommodating they were.

We got back on the trail with 3.5 lb snowshoes strapped to the top of our packs, but it didn't take long to get back in the groove.   I had almost that same feeling of nervous excitement as on the first day.   I don't know how to describe the beauty of these mountains … and we have barely scratched the surface.  The valley below us and opposing mountain were as green as a golf course.  Just stunning.

There was a fair amount of snow but not really enough to warrant the use of snowshoes yet.   We walked until about 7:30 and found a beautiful spot on a ridge where we watched the sunset and then made a small fire.  I'd say this was one of the best nights in camp so far.

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