Waiting for snowshoes

Date: 6/08/2016
Day: 33
Distance: 0 miles
Elevation: 8030 ft
Others Here: Cloudbuster
Camp: Cumbres Suites in Chama

After much thought and learning that basically everyone that has continued north from Cumbres Pass has used snowshoes, we decided to bite the bullet and order some for ourselves.  I was hoping to go north without them, but Cloudbuster has been keeping up with reports from those ahead of us.  Everyone is saying that snowshoes are a must.  Otherwise, we would be postholing most of the way to Wolf Creek Pass and beyond.

We both ordered a pair and they should be here by noon tomorrow.  So we won't head out until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.  I'm looking forward to the next section.  It will be difficult but should be epic.

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  1. Hi Jimmy. Yes I have a lap top again and I have been keeping with you and saying prayers for you. They come over every day Diane has time to bring them. They sure love you, Just like everyone else does. Take care and I hope you do not need to use the snow shoes. Dan is in the hay because we have had some dry weather and expect to have some more before it rains and also temps in the 90’s for a few days. Take care.

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