Living Donation

Date: 6/08/2016
Day: 33
Distance: 0 miles
Elevation: 8030 ft
Others Here: Cloudbuster
Others in town: Paperweight, Sas, Not a Chance  (actually hiking a different trail that intersects)
Camp: Cumbres Suites in Chama

When I was just a wee lad, my sister, Janice, saved my life at a public swimming pool.  That would have been at either Bozeman, MT or Gunnison, CO; I’m not sure which.  Little did she know she was preserving her own personal kidney farm.  When she was 15 or 16, she fell from a cliff near Bozeman and suffered a compound fracture in her leg.   She later developed type 1 diabetes that her doctors believe resulted from the pain medications from that accident.

Fast forward 40 years where her siblings learn her kidneys are failing.  We all went through the steps to determine if we could be a match for living donation.  For one reason or another, I was the only one of 4 siblings that could donate.   It turned out that we were just about as perfect a match as could be.  Everything lined up.  So you see, God knew that Janice would need my kidney one day and set everything in process.  Including the fact that neither of us has ever had a very common virus (which name I don’t remember).  Somewhere on the order of 80% of the population has had this virus.

In January of 2015 we both went under the knife, I came out with one less Kidney and Janice came out with her life.   A pretty good trade I would say.  I’ve told this tale of joy because I want others to know that living donation does not mean the end of an active life for the donor.  Quite the opposite!  And here I am hiking from Mexico to Canada as living proof.  You know what, even if it had meant a change in lifestyle for me, having my precious  sister back is worth the price.  By the way, she is supporting me on this hike by sending resupply boxes.  I’ll meet all my siblings in Grand Lake, CO and I bet we all go on a day hike together; all of us.


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  1. I remember sitting around the camp fire at Bow and Arrow Ranch in Montana having discussions about what heaven would be like. I always believed that it we would have the same feelings that we were having at those moments of love and belonging and be surrounded by our family and friends. God has given us a little bit of that here on earth and He has given me such an incredible family that I thank Him for daily. I know that any one of my siblings would have given the gift but Gods plan was for it to be Jimmy. He did it gladly and without reservation and it is a gift that can never be repaid and one that he would never ask for repayment. I love you little brother!!

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