Remember to be thankful

Date: 6/06/2016
Day: 31
Distance: 30 miles
start: 6:30 am
stop: 7:00 pm
Elevation: 10430 ft
Others Here: Cloudbuster
Camp: saddle in Carson national forest just a few miles from CO border; tenting

Today was a difficult day for some reason.  I didn't get as much sleep last night since it stormed all night. That may have had something to do with it.  Mostly it was a mental thing and I felt I was wiped out much of the day. 

I had a hard time remembering to be thankful.  When we somehow walked a mile or so east of the trail and had to work our way back north west, I lost my thankfulness.  I found it again when we were on a ridge overlooking two elk in Rio San Antonio canyon below us, only to lose it on the way up to the Lagunitas lakes.  It remained elusive as the skies turned grey, afternoon thunderstorms rolled in, and rain began falling.  Somewhere along the way,  I remembered to be thankful again.  I think it was on the ridge before we decided to take an alternate for water along Osler Fork Rio Bravos, but I recognized that I had allowed my old friend back inside as I was watching some elk in the valley along the river.

Now I'm tired and it is bedtime.  It's hard to believe that I've almost walked to Colorado.  We'll cross the border tomorrow.

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