There’s gold in them there hills

Date: 6/05/2016
Day: 30
Distance: 30 miles
start: 6:30 am
stop: 7:00 pm
Elevation: 9905 ft
Others Here: Cloudbuster
Camp: Hopewell Lake; Tenting

Another gorgeous day in the mountains.  I sure am learning to appreciate green meadows, streams running with snow melt, and mountain lakes.

We stopped for almost an hour this morning at one of those lakes.  I think it was blue lake.

Before the lake, we saw Hippie Longstocking behind us but never saw her again.  It turned out she had taken a different route.  We caught up with her at Hopewell Lake where she had her truck parked, and she gave us some drinks.   She will be getting off the trail for a few weeks. Maybe we'll see her up north somewhere.

At this lake, Cloudbuster somehow got us invited to join a family at their campsite.   They are on a treasure hunting vacation.  Panning for gold and looking for the Fenn treasure.  I hope they are the ones to find it.  Now I'll be looking in all the streams for things that glitter.

I especially enjoyed their company until it was cut short by hail.  They shared corn on the cob and potatoes with us, as well as excellent pork chops with me.

It is storming now and I'm thankful to be in my tent.  We seemed to be walking toward the dark clouds all afternoon; which is not the best feeling at 10000 feet. Thank God, we haven't had to deal with a thunderstorm at elevation yet; though I'm sure it's coming.

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  1. It was so good to meet you. We enjoyed both your company that night. We are still searching for the treasure. Hope all is well with you.

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