Ghost Ranch

Date: 6/02/2016
Day: 27
Distance: 30 miles
start: 6:30 am
stop: 7:00 pm
Elevation: 6500 ft
Others Here: Cloudbuster, Dragon Dan, Deco, No Worries, Apteryx
Camp: Ghost Ranch; dorm room

Still thankful to be in the pines and aspens most of the day.  Walking by lupine in the cool breeze, in a shady pine forest teens to make me happy.  Having actual running streams doesn’t hurt either.

When we took a break for lunch in a clearing full of cacti, I remembered that this respite would be short lived, and we were back to high desert fur the second half of the day.  It was, however, a beautiful walk to Ghost Ranch.  This is, after all, the area that gave Georgia O’Keefe much of her inspiration.

Apparently Cloud buster had been hatching a plan while he walked and mentioned it to me while we were getting water from a piped cow trough just before the 10 mile road walk to Ghost Ranch.  He wanted to catch a ride in so he could have dinner and then find a way back to hike the road later.  He saw a car at the road and made a run for it.  They agreed to take us but I wasn’t really excited about the idea so he let them go on.   We hiked on until another car drove up and asked if we wanted a ride.  He took them up on it and I kept waking.

After a road walk with a great backdrop and a little section that used to be truly cross country but is now marked with posts and blue paint, I arrived by 7pm to find Cloudbuster waiting for me.   He had rented a dorm room for us that included breakfast.

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