Date: 5/28/2016
Day: 22
Distance: 27.5 miles
start: 7:00 pm
stop: 8:00 pm
Elevation: 6835 ft
Others Here: Cloudbuster
Camp: ? Mesa; tenting

Carlton’s advice; “if you are going to be dumb, you better be tough”, is becoming somewhat of a motto for the early part of this hike.   You will see some examples below.

Since water is such an important aspect of long distance hiking, especially on the CDT, I thought I would give a recap for the past few days.

Started out with 2 liters from the cache stocked by the Mumms.  This was bottled water. Crossed the El Malpais lava flow where we had conflicting info but expected another cache.  The cache had been removed.  I later learned that the Mumms received a federal fine for maintaining that cache.  This is bureaucracy at its finest.  Bonita Canyon was littered with hundreds of bear cans and bottles and they fine a couple doing a service for hikers from their private funds.  I know from experience that the Mumms’ cache was inconspicuous and tidy.   Anyway because there was no cache I had only one liter left.  A stranger gave us 2 sixteen ounce bottles so I added 8 ounces to my one liter.  Then picked up 3 liters along the way from an algae filled cow trough. I filtered and chemically treated one liter.  So I walked the remaining 25 miles with just over 2 liters but shared half of my cow water with Cloudbuster.

Carried 2.5 liters of store bought water plus 16 Oz of half tea / half lemonade.  This took me to about 14 miles to a dry camp.

Had about 1.5 liters left which took me over 11310 ft Mount Taylor and about 16 or 17 miles to American Canyon spring which was piped to a cow trough.  I took 3 liters untreated.  Drank one and carried two.  Then dry camped another 5 miles north.

Only 1 liter left.  17 miles to next good source.  Stopped at a cow trough/tire about 2 miles in. Took one liter. Trough had orange/yellow algae on top.  Treated this liter with Aqua Mira as well as zapping it with uv light from my steripen. Made it the remaining 15 miles on that 2 liters to Ojo de Indios spring.  An excellent spring piped to a cow trough.  Took 3.5 liters untreated. Drank one.  Carried the remaining 2.5 another 10 miles to where we are dry camped now.  Just a couple miles from here to Ojo Frio, which is a good spring.

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