Mount Taylor

Date: 5/27/2016
Day: 21
Distance: 21.5 miles
start: 7:00 pm
stop: 6:00 pm
Elevation: 8186 ft
Others Here: Cloudbuster
Camp: Antelope Flats; tenting

Only 2 liters water over a 24 hour period while hiking 30 miles and crossing a 11300 ft summit usually doesn’t turn out well.   Nor does it help matters if the day before, you hiked the last 25 miles on 1.5 liters and the .5 was cow algae water.

Yes, Mount Taylor was wonderful.  I enjoyed watching two crows galavanting like children above our heads, and the views were awesome.  We also experienced our first on trail snow under the trees on the north side.

The elevation and my state of dehydration did not mix well.  Actually,  Cloudbuster was in the same condition.  After the summit, we were both dragging and I could have easily gone to sleep in the grass on the way down where we stopped for a break while watching clouds roll by. I was thinking of my precious neices (we like to watch clouds together).

We didn’t get to another water source until about 3pm where we both tanked up.  Even with the much needed water we both were happy to stop early today.  I’m sleepy and tired but my feet are starting to feel better and there is no other place I’d rather be right now.

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