Shoe debacle

Date: 5/26/2016
Day: 20
Distance: 14 miles
start: 4:00 pm
stop: 8:30 pm
Elevation: 8011ft
Others Here: Cloudbuster, Kyros
Camp: approach trail to Mount Taylor; tenting

Some town days are relaxing; this was not.  The nice hotel owner took us back to McDonald’s in the morning and we walked to the post office.  My shoes were not there so I checked the tracking and discovered they were sent FedEx.  I called FedEx to attempt to get them delivered to the Mumms house (more about the Mumms later) to no avail.  Then I called zappos and they worked with the post office so I could pick then up there later in the day when they were to be delivered.

Walked all the way across town to the grocery to resupply. Then walked back to the post office.  The shoes were there but they were going to make me pay the postal taste for shipping even after the Zappos people had cleared it for me.  I was about to just give up and pay the extra postage until a nicer postal worker kind of whispered, “are you sure you don’t want to wait and ask the post master?” So I said I would wait.   I’m not sure what happened but the not-as-nice worker brought my package out to me in the foyer after about 15 minutes. She made no comment, but I went back in and thanked them both after apologizing for being a pain.

Finally I have new shoes and I think they will be better.  The plan is also to back off on the mileage a little for this section.

[editor’s note: Tick Tock left the group in Grants to meet up with a friend farther north and hike south for a while.]

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  1. Hi Jim, following you with much interest and prayers….for your little nieces as well. You are amazing! Glad God is with you every step of the way! Continued moment by moment blessings to you!

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