La Vantana

Date: 5/24/2016
Day: 18
Distance: 29 miles
start: 7:00 am
stop: 8:00 pm
Elevation: 6888 ft
Others Here: Cloudbuster, Tick Tock, Kyros
Camp: Zuni Acoma trailhead; cowboy

Most of the miles today were on dirt roads.  There wasn’t much very memorable until the narrows. We joined the highway and followed it for about 4 miles until we reached the narrows; a place where the highway threads a narrow band between a cliff face on one side and lava flow (El Malpais) on the other.

We finally got off the road and took the rim trail above the cliff.  The views were stunning. We finished off the 4 miles along the rim with a cross country, choose your own route scramble, down off the rim opposite La Vantana arch.  This made up for all the road walking.

Then back to the highway for two more miles. Just when I was thinking of complaining again, Mr and Mrs Thomas drove up on their way back from grocery shopping in Grants.  We chatted for a few minutes and then continued on to the Zuni Acoma trailhead where we will enter the lava flow tomorrow.

My feet are sore and I will be so glad to pick up new shoes in Grants.  The ones I’m wearing are not cutting it. They are already done after only 400 or so miles.  I ordered new ones from Pie Town.

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