Mr & Mrs Thomas

Date: 5/23/2016
Day: 17
Distance: 24.5 miles
start: 10:00 am
stop: 7:00 pm
Elevation: 7178ft
Others Here: Cloudbuster, Tick Tock
Camp: Corner Well; tenting

I was going to cowboy cap until I almost stepped on a rattlesnake 20 feet from my intended spot.  Tick Tock pointed it out and I walked over for a look.  She stopped me before I stepped on it.  Both of us moved 30 yds away.  Cloudbuster is more of a man than me and is still cowboying.

So today’s hike was all dirt roads from Pie Town to here.   Tomorrow we still have another 3 or 4 more miles on the road.

The highlight of today was stopping at the Thomas’ to get water.   They live about 14 miles down the road from Pie Town and have opened their gates to hikers for years.  The road is lined with no trespassing signs except in front of their place.  They were at home and talked with us for over an hour.   The visit included a tour of their barn/home.  It would be more accurate to say that Mr Thomas told stories for over an hour.   They ranged from Riverside, CA to the war in Korea to Israel back to Pie Town, NM and even close to my Oklahoma roots.  Mrs Thomas is from Pauls Valley, OK where they were married 65 years ago.   I gathered  that Mr Thomas had been a pastor ever since he returned from the war.  They were such a sweet couple.  She was 14 and he 19 when they were married.   There was a little political talk favorable to Ronald Reagan and not so favorable about Mr Obama.  I was a little concerned that some of the hikers might get in an argument, but everyone kept quiet.  Someone of the Thomas’ age and demeanor garners respect and I was proud of my hiking friends for staying silent.

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