The merry old land of Oz

Date: 5/20/2016
Day: 14
Distance: 30 miles
start: 6:40 am
stop: 7:40 pm
Elevation: 7995 ft
Others Here: Cloudbuster, Tick Tock
Camp: Valle Tio Vinces campground, cowboy

"Ha-ha-ha! Ho-ho-ho and a couple of tra-la-las,
That's how we laugh the day away,
In The Merry Old Land Of Oz."

This melody has been in my head fir the last 2 days, but I could only remember that it was while they were entering the Emerald City and "In The Merry Old Land Of Oz"

Was a dry day today.  First water was good at about 4 miles, Second water from cattle trough at about 13 (drank this), third from an earthen tank surrounded by manure at about mile 26 (didn't take any), finally good water from a spring here at mile 30.

So tired and my feet are killing me.

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