Day: 8
Distance: 20 miles
start: 7:30 am
stop: 7:30 pm
Elevation: 4230
Others Here: Tick Tock
Camp: Somewhere beside the Gila River about 6 miles from Doc Campbell’s. Tenting.

Once again, I’m pretty beat.  We finished up the hike in the trees about mid day and descended rapidly into Sapillo Creek, which feeds into the Gila.  I’m too tired to get out my maps but I think we were in the Pinos Altos mountains.  It felt so refreshing to be in the forest after the days in the high desert.  Made me remember how thankful I am to be here.   We will be back in the high desert again soon enough.

If our count was correct, we have crossed the Gila 47 times so far in roughly 11 miles.

Both Tick Tock and I came within a couple feet of stepping on a rattle snake.  She was several minutes ahead of me but we compared notes later. This one gave a warning which caused me to jump and I might have squealed.  There is something very unique about that rattle.  I think anyone would know instantly what it was even if they hadn’t heard it before. Anyway, that is rattler number 4 for me.  Yesterday I saw two under a rock coiled up together just 3 feet from where I was standing enthralled by the grandeur of Devil’s Garden.

We plan to meet up with Cloudbuster in about 3 miles.  He seemed to want to be alone and speed about half a mile south of here.

We are all three at Doc Campbell’s now relaxing and picking up resupply before heading back out.  We met Kyros from New Jersey at the outpost.  Hopefully we will see him at Pie Town. Tick Tock tells me (I lost track) that we have crossed the Gila 71 times so far.

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