Day: 8
Distance: 20 miles
start: 9:30am
stop: 8:00 pm
Others Here: Cloudbuster, Tick Tock
Camp: about 300 feet above sycamore creek after one steep climb

It’s official Silver City is the nicest trail town I have ever been to.  I think four different people stopped on the way out of town to talk with us.  At the campground where the trailhead meets the road,  the camp host took me back a quarter mile in his gator to get water for all of us.   We had gone too far thinking it would be at the trailhead.

Running creek, not as much as 2012
Rain shower

2 days ago
Natural spring
Pine trees

Devil’s garden. How anyone could associate something so stunningly beautiful to the devil is beyond me.  Was enough to stop is in our tracks.  We spent at least an hour gawking.  Came into view just at the magic hour of the day when the sun makes everything more beautiful.

As a result rushing to get to water. Found a pretty nice source where we saw and heard our first frogs.  Then pushed to next water source.  Didn’t make it. Dry camping about a mile away on this shelf.  It took quite a bit out of me to make that climb so late in the day.  I think that posh hotel last night made me soft, or else I’m just soft in general, which is more likely.

I am knackered.

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