Would you mind taking a picture of me on the toilet?

Day: 7
Distance: 18 miles
start: 5:00am
stop: 2:00 pm
Others Here: Cloudbuster, Tick Tock
Camp: Silver City; the Murray Hotel

Quote of the day: “Would you mind taking a picture of me on the toilet?”

The 5am start was a little painful but we’ll worth it to avoid the heat.   We took Deadman Canyon to Tyrone Road, and them highway 90 to Silver City.  The hike up Deadman’s canyon was very  enjoyable.  There was a little route finding;  especially since we started in the dark and walked passed or turn.  In the early morning the canyon was cool and had a water smell.  Delectable after the past few days.

The road walk?  Well let’s just say it was hot and somewhat miserable and leave it at that.   The monotony was broken up, however, by the quote of the day.

We made it into town, stopped at a convenience store to get Gatorade and meet Carlton who is a mechanic at the copper mine.  He was super friendly and wanted to know ask about what we were doing.   We though he should run for mayor because he seemed to know everyone who came into the store.

But to be outdone, just as we were entering town, we met Chris who stopped and practically compelled us to let him help us in any way.  It turned out that I needed a ride to the other side of town to pick up a package. So I called him and he said he would be over to pick me up right away.   I was overwhelmed by his kindness.

We did our other town chores which included resupply shopping, eating dinner, and finding a hotel.   The lady behind the counter gave us a great deal on the room.  She moved people around to find us a room with 2 beds.  Silver City is such a friendly place.

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  1. A great photo of you on ‘the John’ – LOL! Enjoying so much following your trek and reading your Journal. Continued prayers for good health and safe travels. 🙂

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