Mud Spring, Yeah!

Day: 6
Distance: 19 miles
start: 7:00am
stop: 6:00 pm
Others Here: Cloudbuster, Tick Tock
Camp: Mud Spring; cowboy camping

We got a decently early start this morning but seemed to move slowly.   Maybe everyone was still dragging from the heat yesterday.  We took frequent breaks which made for an enjoyable hike. Our first water source wasn't much to look at, but it tasted fine and was a life saver over the next few hours as the heat set in.

Again,  it was a hot day.  In the upper 90's for sure.  Given that I'm a little out of shape and that it was so hot, the hike up to Jacks peak took a lot out of me.   However I would take that anytime over a typical day working in front of a computer.  The heat certainly made for a grueling second half of the day until we reached Burro Peak at 8000 feet.  It was so nice to smell the pines and walk in the cool air under their boughs.

Camped at mud spring now, which is the first natural spring on the trail.   I'm listening to a whip-or-will that I hope won't keep me up.   We are getting up at 5am to beat the heart on our 12 mile road walk into Silver City.  Oh and I just found bear scat 20 feet from my head.  Sweet dreams.

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