It’s the little things

Day: 5
Distance: 18 miles
start: 9:30am
stop: 6:30 pm
Elevation: 6180 ft
Others Here: Cloudbuster, Tick Tock
Camp: Coop windmill ; cowboy camping

Lowlight: the walk across the plain north of Lordsburg was brutal.  We didn't get started until 9:30, and those 12 miles put a beat down on me.

Highlight: sitting completely exposed to the sun next to a cattle trough surrounded by cow poo drinking the water we got from the tank next to the trough.

It is amazing what a little water will do to boost morale after a long hot walk in the sun.  Soon after the above mentioned water source we entered a canyon with trees.  This led to the second highlight of the day.  Sitting in a ditch in the dirt under the shade of a live oak tree.

Dinner of refried beans, cheese, and Fritos has been consumed; another liter of water down the hatch; the sun has retreated for the day and I am laying under the stars feeling a cool breeze.  Life is better when it is simple.

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