Into Lordsburg

Date: 5/10/2016
Day: 4
Distance: 25 miles
start: 7:00am
stop: 6:00 pm
Others Here: Cloudbuster, Tick Tock, Carpenter, Creaper, Radar, Peru
Camp: Econo Lodge

Highlight: Sitting in the shade of the last water cache box (the only shade) and resting for the final push to lordsburg.

We left fairly early after no further run in with the stampeding horses. Some I'm writing this a day later I'm having trouble remembering the day.   I came within 2 feet of stepping on a rattlesnake; that was fun.  We saw more horned lizards, drank from the first cattle trough of the hike and saw 6 mule deer not too far from Lordsburg.  The cow water actually wasn't that bad after filtering.  It tasted better than the Lordsburg water.  I guess view slobber adds a certain sophisticated flavor only a hot and weary hiker can appreciate.

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