Guthook saves the day

Distance: 24 miles
start: 8;00am
stop: 7:30 pm
Elevation: 4330
Others Here: Cloudbuster
Camp: 3 miles from highway 9; cowboy camping
Highlight: Detour to explore Old Hachita

We started out taking an alternate route to see a mining ghost town called Old Hachita.  I regretted skipping this alternate on my last hike so was happy to make up for it this time.

Today started out cool and breezy but ended a bit warm.  We stopped at mile 20 which happened to be a water cache around 5 to rest in the shade of the cache box and have dinner, then we hiked another 3 miles to our current campsite.  We are dry camping.  In other words, there is no water source here.

Just toward the end of the day we turned directly into the sun and I couldn’t see the marker signs that have pretty well marked the trail by line of site for this section.  So after losing the trail, I oriented my map and started walking “that-a-way” based on the trail line on my map.  Well, it turns out I had my compass declination backwards, and so my map was off by around 18 degrees.  I was angling away from the trail.  Thankfully, Cloudbuster pulled out his phone with the Guthook navigation app and stopped me.  Guthook was a 2010 PCT hiker who markets an app for the all three big trails.  I refuse to use it because I want to minimize technology for my hike.  That’s Guthook 1, Boat 0.  By the way, I have fixed my compass declination.

Yikes we were both just brought from the edge of sleep by the sound of several  horses galloping by.

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  1. Love reading your updates, Jim! Just so you know – the whole office is following your progress^_^ Glad to see you are doing well:)

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