Day 2

Distance: 24 miles

start: 7:30 am

stop: 7:00 pm

Elevation: 4750

Others Here: Cloudbuster

Highlight: We saw two coyotes.  Also enjoyed being serenaded by a pack in the middle of the night.

Today was a long but rewarding day.  My body isn’t quite used to 24 mile days yet and I’m tired.   It was relatively cool and cloudy most of the day.  The sun only cane out in all its glory a few times to remind us to be thankful for the clouds.

We lost Snake Bite”s company today because her feet were blistering and she needed to slow down.

Set up the tent this time because we were surrounded by dark clouds and virga.  However, I don’t really expect any rain.

So far is been easier going than last time.  The temps have been cooler and the cloud cover more plentiful.  Also with the CDTC (Continental Divide Trail Coalition) stocking the water caches, water has not been as big a concern.

Beautiful sunset tonight.

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