Day 1

Distance: 14 miles

Elevation: 4330

Start Location: Mexican Border

End Location: First water cache

Hours Hiked: 7

Others Here: Cloudbuster, Snake Bite

Cloudbuster and I were joined by Snake Bite for the shuttle ride this morning.   She is a perky young lady from Perth and pleasant company.  After a 3 plus hour shuttle ride down crazily bumpy, washed out dirt roads we made it to the border.   Not before we picked up a couple at the first water cache who had endured enough and wanted out.

We took the obligatory border start pictures and learned that there must be sensors on the Mexican side of the highly secure barbed wire fence.  All three of us hopped the fence so we could say we had been in Mexico and then took a few more pictures at the monument.  Before we could finish with the pictures a pickup drove up along the fence from the Mexican side.   He was clearly checking us out and asked if any of us show Spanish.  We said no and he drove off.   It took a minute fir me to realize that he must have been the Mexican border patrol.  Guess we should have stayed on our side.  Or maybe he was just a farmer.

The hike here was actually quite pleasant.  The Temps were not too bad and there was a breeze part of the time.   Clearly I am out of thru hiking shape but it shouldn’t take too long to be back in good form.  We all decided 14 miles was enough for the first day and found some flat non-prickly spots to cowboy camp.

It feels wonderful to be back on the tail and my nervouse, inadequate feelings are starting to melt away.

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