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I am on the airplane heading to Tuscon.  From there I will catch a Greyhound bus to Lordsburg, NM.  Then on Saturday morning I will take the shuttle that goes to the border at Crazy Cook.  Last time,  JK meet me in Tuscon and we rented a 4×4 pickup to make the multi hour trek to the border.   Since then the Continental Divide Trail coalition has started operating a shuttle to make the arduous journey.

It has been a whirl wind getting to this point and I’ve barely had a moment to think about getting nervous or excited.  Work ended for me the Friday before last and it wasn’t until the following week that I was able to start shopping for my 10 resupply boxes.  These will not cover the entire trip but will take care of the sections where it would be quite  difficult to resupply locally.  For the remaining sections, I’ll be buying as I go from local groceries or convenience stores.  Of these 10 boxes there are a couple that I may decide to skip, or take a different route and resupply locally.  After buying the items over Monday and Tuesday, I spent the rest of the week building boxes and trying to organize the trip.  Let me just say, that planning ahead 5 months isn’t the easiest task.   I had my little great nieces Elly, Olivia, and their little brother Andrew helping me.  They were actually a big help.

Once I had the boxes assembled, my nephew and I moved my things to storage. That was on Sunday.  On Monday there were tearful goodbyes (I won’t say from whom) with the girls.  Seriously, being away from my precious nieces and nephew may be the most difficult part of this trip.  I have lived with them for the past four years and the youngest two don’t remember a time when I wasn’t part of their family.  I love them dearly and they can rest assured that I will come back to them after I reach Canada.

Difficult goodbyes over,  I made the twelve hour drive to my sister’s place in Springtown, TX.  It was here that I wrapped up all the last minute preparations; at least I hope so.  She will be sending me my resupply boxes as I progress along the way.

Now I sit in a window seat on the first leg of my trip to Lordsburg.

Now waiting in San Diego for my delayed flight to Tucson.  Anyone that knows me will see the humor in the fact that on my last flight I sat next to two of the loudest ladies I’ve encountered for some time.  It was a constant stream of chatting throughout the whole flight. I think they took turns breathing so that at least one could be speaking at all times.  When the plane arrived and they walked off, the people in the surrounding seats literally sighed in relief.  After that experience and this busy airport, the trail will be a welcome sight.

My flight to Tucson was delayed a little over an hour but I made it without any further drama.  There I met up with Linus Cloudbuster and we took a city bus to the greyhound terminal.

We only had an hour to wait for the bus but when it came there was no announcement.  The security guard asked if we were going to Benson and when we said Lordsburg, he said OK and closed the divider thingy.   We sat there another 10 minutes or so before getting nervous and asking when our bus would arrive.  “The bus that just left was your bus.”  Oh no!

Thankfully,  the girl behind the counter very kindly arranged for us to go out on the next bus even though it normally didn’t let off passengers in Lordsburg.  It stopped at a truck stop 2.5 miles from our hotel but we were just happy to get there.  We walked the two miles and finally passed out at 4 am.

Here are my planned resupply boxes in case it will be any help to future hikers.

  • Doc Campbell’s
  • Pie Town
  • Ghost Ranch
  • Waunita (Monarch Pass) : a ranch owned by my brother-in-law’s uncle
  • Twin Lakes: a partial resupply to be supplemented at the store
  • South Pass City: ack 9 days; I hope to take the wind river high route
  • Brooks Lake Lodge: so I don’t have to hitch into Duboise, but I reserve the right to change my mind and go in
  • Lima: another partial resupply
  • Sula Country Store: partial resupply
  • Homestake: so I don’t have to hitch to Butte.  This could change as well; or I may take the Anaconda route.
  • Benchmark

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  1. Sorry didn’t get to see you again before you left. Sending prayers your way for a safe journey on your long and adventurous trip! Will enjoy following you as you walk this beautiful country.

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