Mud and mosquitoes

Date: 8/10/2019Day: 37

Distance: 16.5 miles

Start: 8 am

Stop: 8pm

Steps: 42092

Elevation: 4938 ft

Others Here: Coyote, Backtrack

Camp: Tenting near Colonel Creek


Muddy boggy mess for first 7 or 8 miles. Then hit burn zone which was described as terrible. The burn zone was the best hiking of the day; dry mostly clear of blowdowns, and fringed with huckleberries. Yum, huckleberries, so good.

At lunch, Backtrack said that because of the conditions and his toe, he wanted to take a horse trail bail out alternate down to highway 16.  This would require fording the moose river 3 miles early at a place described as potentially treacherous.

At this point I had already decided to end a Robson which is the first official terminus.  The whole reason to do the more remote Kakwa section is to experience the high routes which shouldn’t be done in foul weather.  So I see no good reason to bushwack another 150 miles down in the muddy, boggy, horse trail valleys just to say I did it.  Maybe I can come back another year to do the high routes in good weather.

We checked out the ford to take the alternate down to the highway. Backtrack really wanted to do it but I was not comfortable.  Nor was Yote.  In the end, the three of us agreed that it was not safe.  I suggested that we take the GDT to the first fording of the moose river and then we would have the option to go south on the west side to the alternate, or continue on trail to Robson. We went with this idea and after a somewhat ill-advised bushwhack back to the trail (rather than backtracking), set up tents back on the GDT in the trees. Almost immediately after setting up we had brief rain and thunder.

Looks like we are all now thinking about just doing the GDT inspite of the bad weather since we will already be 3 miles closer to get to the first ford. There is a campsite 11 miles north where we can post up hoping for better weather before heading over the pass.

Classic GDT.  Here, take these heart kisses while I slash your pants and shin.

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