Rest Days in Jasper


Backtrack’s foot seems to be getting better and the swelling is going down. The nurses told him that he had cellulitis.  Thankfully, he started the antibiotics early enough to prevent anything more serious.

So the current plan is to spend another 2 nights in town and then head out.

Yote and I mailed a box to Robson (Valemont) so we plan to go there and delay the decision for Kakwa. This gives us more flexibility. I’ve flip-flopped dozens of times in the past few days on this choice. I’d like to go to Kakwa, but there are good reasons, such as family, to end at Robson provincial park (the first terminus). We’ll see.

There are so many GDT hikers in town right now. Those on their way north: Brainstorm, Snow and Thunder, Mik, and us three. Some that have completed the trail and are stopping back through: Brown Bag and Kayman who ended at Robson; Six Toes and Alyssa who ended at Kakwa. Finally Psuedo Sloth, Quill, and Antoine (Two Right Feet) have decided to end in Jasper.

It was so nice to see Antoine. I ran into him as he was going up to his room in the same hotel where we are staying. We plan to get together for dinner tonight.

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  1. Relieved to hear Backtrack’s foot is on the up & up. (no pun intended!)
    Thanks for all of your wonderful posts – a joy to read and view.
    P.S. Yes…we miss you!

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