Bad Line

Date: 8/03/2019
Day: 30
Distance: 25 miles
Start: 7:15 am
Stop: 8:30 pm
Steps: 62993
Elevation: 5991 ft
Others Here: Coyote, Backtrack, Fireball
Camp: Tenting at Evelyn campsite

The Maligne trail certainly lived up to its name. The fact that there are no photos says it all…. The morning was pretty ok with a nice climb up to Maligne Pass and some time in the alpine. Then we descended into the Maligne valley and the suffering began. Of course it was no Kiwetinok Alternate. At least there was trail. Just a lot of rain, mosquitoes, head high willows, blowdowns, muddy. and general bushwhacking. When we forded the Maligne River, we scouted up and down the river and there seemed to be a deep channel as far as we could see. We found the best looking spot and formed a chain by linking arms. It was belly deep and somewhat swift, but we all made it safely across. As we were drying off on the other side, Fireball started to cross right at the trail crossing. I ran to stop her so we could lend a hand. Lo and behold, it was only thigh deep and not very swift. Yote and I still went across to demonstrate the chain method, but it was totally unnecessary. Not sure how we missed that when we were scouting the river…

The trail continued to dole out suffering until the last 4 miles which were wonderful clear trail. We are now on the skyline trail and it should be a breeze tomorrow.

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