Finally good trail

Date: 8/02/2019
Day: 29
Distance: 23 miles
Start: 8:15 am
Stop: 7:00 pm
Steps: 53628
Elevation: 6740 ft
Others Here: Coyote, Backtrack, Fireball
Camp: Tenting at Avalanche campground

Again I’m pretty tired. Long climb up to Jonas Shoulder which is one of the highest points on the GDT. I was a bit blah in the morning and dwelt too much on family back home. Almost had myself convinced to end the hike at Jasper. Lunch reinvigorated me and I’m in a better head space now. I’ll definitely go to an official terminus; if not Kakwa, then Robson.

Had a conversation with Yote during the hike. She mentioned that unlike previous hikes, she doesn’t have the mental energy at the end of the day to do much reflection. It is the same for me. I’ve been writing the bare minimum and turning in. This trail almost makes me feel bipolar. One day is fantastic and the next is a struggle at best.

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