Howse River flood plain

Date: 7/29/2019
Day: 25
Distance: 16 miles
Start: 10:00 am
Stop: 6:30 pm
Steps: 42454
Elevation: 4813 ft
Others Here: Coyote, Backtrack, Antoine, Thunder and Snow
Camp: Tenting on promontory at end of and above Howse River flood plain

Today was a mix of bushwhacking and walking the flood plain. I took a picture of Yote during one brushy section. The day before yesterday made today’s bushwhacking seem like good trail. Today there was actually trail under foot, the trail was level (as opposed to 45 deg slope), and there were fewer blowdowns. The flood plain was quite interesting as it was completely different from anything else so far, and the surrounding mountain views were fantastic. Due to the constant crossings of the various river braids, feet were constantly wet. Occasionally the main river channel forced us back into the forest to deal with bushwhacking again, but a good day none the less. Great views from my tent overlooking the river.

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