Date: 7/24/2019
Day: 20
Distance: 21.5 miles
start: 9:00 am
stop: 8:30 pm
Steps: 54568
Elevation: 4682 ft
Others Here: Coyote, Backtrack
Camp: Tenting at random site above otter tail river

We had a crazy lightning storm directly overhead around midnight last night. Lightning cracking and thunder booming simultaneously. I’m not certain how long it lasted, but it was some storm.

This morning, I was happy we did those extra miles last night; it meant we didn’t have to do that pass in the rain. We were able to go over wolverine pass and up to Rockwall pass before the rains came which was nice. On the ridge between wolverine and Rockwall, we met a group of army cadets and leaders. They are out for six weeks. Had a nice conversation with the leaders… and they liked my beard. On our way down it started raining and never really let up. The rockwall was pretty amazing…. but partially hidden in the mist.

At a campsite at the bottom (can’t remember the name) we were very happy to find a locked patrol cabin where we huddled under the porch to eat lunch and wait out the heavy rain. Stayed there a couple hours and then headed up Goodsir Pass. From there the trail and conditions were kinda meh. We reached MacArthur campground which was also meh and decided to hike on. From there the trail is an old closed two track road. We had hoped to find something in the trees, but there was nothing suitable. All squishy, wet moss and on a slope. After 5 miles we found a wide spot next to the road. We are all crammed together with guy lines crossing. Made camp by about 8:30 and I’m tired again.

Not many pictures today due to the rain.

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