Banff in all its Glory

Date: 7/22/2019
Day: 18
Distance: 15 miles
start: 12 pm
stop: 7 pm
Steps: 42264
Elevation: 6309 ft
Others Here: Coyote, Backtrack, Torga, his mother and sister, Mike and Ivan, several others
Camp: Ball Pass Junction campsiteWhat3Words: to Yote, we were able to get a hitch back up to sunshine village. This saved us a 7k road walk and, if I remember correctly, a 3000 ft climb.Hiking from Sunshine through Banff National Park in good weather was simply glorious. Surrounded by majestic mountains everywhere you look. It was a bit like a Congo line since everyone else was also out, but once we got 3 or 4 miles from Sunshine the crowds dwindled to nothing. Whistling Pass was amazing. Beautiful views on both sides and the most interesting rocks from white to gray to purple.We had a nice late lunch (5pm) at Egypt Lake and then made our way to this campsite to be reunited with Torga and his family. We met previously at Assiniboine lodge. Also had a very nice conversation with Mike. Mike is from Kentucky, but married a Canadian and has lived in Alberta for 20 years. Just recently he got tired of paying taxes in the US, gave up his US citizenship and became a Canadian citizen.All in all a great day. Happy for the good weather, the new shoes seem good, and we made good mileage considering we didn’t start until 12

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