At least

Date: 7/18/2019
Day: 14
Distance: 22.5 miles
start: 8 am
stop: 8 pm
Steps: 61302
Elevation: 5505 ft
Others Here: Shroomer, Coyote, Backtrack
Camp: Tenting at Big Spring Campsite

Today we lived a meme that I have posted on my cubicle wall at work.

It’s cold out … at least it isn’t raining

It’s cold and raining … at least it isn’t windy

It’s cold, windy, and raining … at least it isn’t hailing

It’s cold, windy, raining, and hailing … at least I’m not at work

Long day today so I may not write much. The day started out with what we call a car wash. It wasn’t raining, but you get drenched from walking through an overgrown trail that still holds the water from last night’s rain. This was during a fairly steep ascent up turbine pass. Before we made it up the pass it started to rain. Then the rain let up for a little while, but the carwash continued up an overgrown Paliser Pass. Once over the pass; now in Alberta and Banff national park. the trail was fantastic, but it started to hail and blow. This while hiking across open meadows. Brrr very cold. That’s when I remembered that I wasn’t at work. We walked in the hail for a mile or two before it cleared up and the sun peeked out. Now I could see the spectacular surroundings. We were completely surrounded by mountains set off by fresh snow on their peaks. It rained once or twice again before we finally made it to camp. Now that I’m safe and dry in my tent it is raining again

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