Where’s Boat

Date: 7/14/2019
Day: 10
Distance: miles
start: 7:00 am
stop: 9:40 pmSteps: 71065
Elevation: 4849 ft
Others Here: Shroomer, Coyote, Backtrack
Camp: Tenting 0.25 miles from Aldridge Creek beside the road in the woods
What3Words: https://w3w.co/toothbrush.permitting.locks

So much happened today it feels like 3 or 4 days crammed into one, but that is the way of a long distance hike. Each day is so full of different and myriad experiences, that it seems like many days. So exhausted,… I can’t write it now and it is almost 11pm.

I’ll try and fill in the details, now days later…

We got an early start with clouds in morning portending weather to come. The day began with a 1500 ft climb up to gorgeous views from the ridge. Once on top, I saw Yote’s pack next to the trail and assumed she had stopped for a bathroom break, so I scurried on by. The amazing views continued for a bit less than a mile before the trail descended into trees down the ridge. I went to the first water source, which was about a mile, to wait for Shroomer and Coyote who I knew were behind me.

Unbeknownst to me Backtrack and Yote had stopped at the top and were simply waiting for Shroomer and I within the trees and out of the wind. When Shroomer arrived, they didn’t know what happened to me and began to get concerned. They came up with all kinds of scenarios while Coyote went backwards to a spot where they thought I could have taken a wrong turn. Seeing no sign they decided, that I had done just what I did … though there was some joking about bear boat.

They were quite relived when they all found me waiting at the water and we stuck together the rest of the day. We also decided it would be wise to get the direct Inreach message info for everyone, so we could message each other if necessary.

For the next several hours we sauntered along while enjoying the beauty and took several breaks including a wonderful lunch spot in a high meadow.

Fording river pass was amazing! I don’t know how to describe the feeling of awe and wonder while moving across the open tundra toward the pass as the view slowly came into the natural frame created by the pass itself. Euphoria or an endorphin high ….. is as close as I can get.

The mountains and the hills before you shall break forth into singing… Isaiah 55:12

When I walked over the pass, I could almost hear them.

Quite literally awesome! Breathtaking!

Crossing to the BC side of the pass, we went from euphoria to mosquitoes, bush whacking, and dark clouds and rain. This contrast between Alberta and BC trail conditions became an ongoing joke among us.

What with the bush whacking, rain, and nearly throbbing feet, I was hoping for a nice front country campground with pavilions and perhaps singing angels. It was little more than a wide space in the road and the people there looked at us like we were from another planet.

We hiked on a quarter mile and found a nice flat place off in the trees beside the road.

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