Trail Family

Date: 7/12/2019
Day: 8
Distance: 14 miles
start: 7:30 am
stop: 5 PM

Steps: 44359

Elevation: 5863 ft.
Others Here: Shroomer, Coyote, Backtrack, Antoine
Camp: Tenting near Cache Creek

Today started out with a cross country jaunt toward the saddle below Tornado peak. The trail made for tornado pass and then up to the saddle, but there has been a rock slide and our info suggested going directly to the saddle via a cross country route. It was a tough climb up scree with no trail, but very rewarding once we made the saddle. Magnificent views and big horn sheep on the slopes on the other side.The test of the day was primarily on trails, which is a welcome change. The soft pine duff underfoot is also a welcome change. The last climb of the day was very much an AT style climb without switchbacks. One of our number had a tough time after lunch so we stopped early. I could have gone on but would have been beat. I was happy to stop. We had a prolonged discussion about what should be done. No one wants to hinder the others’ hikes and we were urged to go on. It came down to the fact that everyone enjoys one another’s company so much that we didn’t want to separate. So everyone stopped. We decided to postpone the decision about whether or not to do the Coral Ridge alternate. At that point some may separate, but only for a day.

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