Willoby Ridge Whacking

Date: 7/08/2019
Day: 5
Distance: 25.3 miles
start: 8:30 am
stop: 8:30 pm
Elevation: 5463.0 ft
Others Here: Coyote and Shroomer
Camp: Tenting
What3Words: https://w3w.co/impress.perfume.switchingSo tired.

Feel like I’ve been whacked into a pile of jello.

Almost stopped at 2 PM and 13.5 miles but then decided to go ahead and traverse the ridge. We each carried 3 liters of water in case we wanted to dry camp on the ridge, but ended up going the whole way.

Willoby ridge was spectacular and worth the effort. This is part of why I’m out here; awesome views and excellent company.

I was so tired that I was going to go to bed without eating. S and C had pre soaked their dinners send wouldn’t hear of it. They practically made me take some of their food. Such kind and giving friends, It was very difficult for me to accept their kindness because I feel like I should be self sufficient. They persisted anyway and I gave in. If I wasn’t so exhausted I might get emotional.

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