La Coulotte

Date: 7/06/2019
Day: 3
Distance: 13 ish miles
start: 8:00am
stop: 7:30pm
Elevation: 5367 ft
Others Here: Shroomer and Coyote;Antoine and Steph across the creek
Camp: Tenting next to a stream

This was quite possibly the most grueling single day I’ve ever encountered on trail. 11 hours and only 13 miles should give a hint.We bush wacked up to La Coulotte ridge; there was no trail and it was straight up. Then we proceeded to ascend, often on loose shale, the ridge without the help of a trail. It was basically up and down all day in these conditions. I’m not sure if the pictures will do it justice. From the ridge, we climbed La Coulotte peak straight up in loose shale – 1100 ft over 0.7 miles. From the peak (center in picture below) we descended 1000 ft to the steep v shaped saddle just to the left (south westerly). Then another 800 ft up over 0.6 miles. All sans trail.

Shroomer heading down to the saddle before La Coulotte

Backtrack decided to take the Barnaby alternate which went north from Coullote peak but the rest of us were content to do the remaining 2 steep descents and climbs and then descend to the valley. Being only the second day on trail, Barnaby just didn’t seem in my or Shroomer’s wheelhouse. I am just off a strained hamstring and Shroomer has been off for a month or so. It was all I could do to make the peaks on our route. Toward the end it was four steps, rest, four steps, repeat.

Oh… just as we reached the last ridge a thunderstorm rolled in. But we were able to get into the trees before the hail came. This is where we met Antoine from France.

I don’t want to sound like I am complaining. Yes it was difficult, but it was epic! Coyote and Backtrack were climbing machines and always graciously waited for us. I am so fortunate to be among such good people. Despite the hardship, everyone was happy, supportive, and positive.

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  1. What spectacular pictures and pictures never do justice to the beauty of nature, so I can only imagine what it looked like in person!

  2. I’m so glad you’re with good people. You’ll have to let them know that one of their jobs is to keep the grizzlies away from my baby brother

    1. Post
  3. As always, wonderful photos together with your journal are a fabulous depiction of your journey. Whew!…I am once again in awe of the beauty yet exhausted simply from reading! What a blessing to be traveling with such wonderful folks!

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