Easy day. Not!

Date: 7/05/2019
Day: 2
Distance: 22 miles
start: 9:30 am
stop: 6:30 pm
Elevation: 6791 ft
Others Here: Shroomer, Coyote, Backtrack
Camp: outfitters camp at a19; Tenting
What3Words: https://w3w.co/uranium.positioning.strongly

I’m sorry, I am just too exhausted to write much. It was a good day, but long. We planned an easier day but that didn’t work out. Our planned camp site was simply not suitable; a burned out site on a slope with few flat spots. As a result we went another 4 miles. On the first real day after a 10 mile road walk, this absolutely wore me out.

Camping next to a meadow all squeezed together in a stand of trees. Being under trees should keep us more dry than out in the meadow. Tenting in a meadow usually results in a very wet tent in the morning. There is a nice stream beside us.I couldn’t ask for better company on this hike.

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  1. I am tired just reading about your journey! I pray that you have endurance, strength, restful sleep and enjoy all the beautiful sights that you are seeing! They are stunning and spectacular!

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