Waterton Tomorrow

The passport adventure in Atlanta was a success and I made it to the reunion for the final day. It was wonderful to see family; some that I have not seen in decades. The time was too short, but I am so happy for the opportunity to reconnect.

Just a few photos…

Cousin John lined us up to show off Family traits

Shirley, David, Mary, and Harold

Family photos

John and William

From the reunion at camp Kuriakos, my sisters and I returned to Airdrie, AB with my aunt and uncle. Sisters flew home yesterday while I stayed on. I’ve had a wonderful visit with my Uncle David and Aunt Shirley as well as my cousin Kathy. It makes me wish we lived closer together.

My Aunt and Uncle will be dropping me off in Waterton Lakes tomorrow and I plan to begin the hike north from the US border on July 4th. As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be with 3 or 4 others.

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  1. Happy for you in making not only a successful trip to Atlanta(!) but able to catch some quality family time at the reunion! Loved the pics — especially the display of hereditary family traits! LOL
    Safe travels !
    “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir 🙂

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