Current Trail Stats

Last update:
Location:Berthoud Pass
% Complete:43.0%
Avg mi/day:18.56
Will finish:Hike Suspended

Note: Trail stats are updated periodically, not by map position updates.

The Continental Divide Trail

On May 7th, 2016, I will begin another journey on the CDT.   It has been 4 years since I completed my last CDT thru-hike in September of 2012.  That was arguably the most challenging hike so far, but with the difficulties came tremendous rewards.   This time around there will be new challenges; both known and unknown.  Even though I’m a bit older and one kidney lighter, the draw to get out again is too much for me to resist.  I like the way George MacDonald put it; “The man who in harmony with nature, attempts the discovery of more of her meanings, is just seeking out the things of God.”

Progress Map

This is the place where you can keep up with me.   So come back often to find me on the map, read the journal, look at the pictures, and contact me.